Strategic Services
Transformation Framework

Bywater's consultants coach executives and their teams to:

1.  Design and deliver more innovative and ambitious strategies

2.  Build more effective organizations and shape more exciting and successful futures

3.  Achieve significant business results quickly

Direction addresses the issues of strategy formulation,  defining the goals towards which our clients will strive, and then enabling top teams to lead their companies towards those goals. Typically this involves:

  • Strategic planning

  • Rebuilding market positions

  • Vision development

  • Defining ambitious objectives and measures

  • Business modeling

  • Top team development

  • Leadership style

  • Aligning executive teams

  • Organic and corporate growth

Processes are the things that make it all happen. They must be robust they have to be seamless. They are made possible by addressing process and measurement design many areas such as:

  • New product development

  • Sales

  • Supply chain

  • People development

  • Information technology development & support

  • outsourcing

  • Management systems design

People are, when all is said and done, what makes it happen or not. Engaging the hearts and minds of the people is the first milestone along the path to success. It is also the most difficult. We help with services such as:

  • Board and management team governance design

  • Organization design

  • Skills and competency definition and measurement

  • Job design

  • Values and behavior measurement development strategy

  • Performance management system design

  • Reward and recognition system design

  • Culture change strategy

  • Organizational learning system design

Technology is an enabler for organizations to support delivery of improved process performance both internally and externally and from an operational and financial standpoint. To achieve the benefits, we help organizations to:

  • Align technology strategy to business needs

  • Develop pragmatic solutions to e-commerce potential

  • Leverage the benefits from enterprise-wide resource planning system investments


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