About Bywater

Bywater is an international management firm providing Strategic Services; such as performance improvement, strategic planning, and cost containment, and Corporate Growth Services; such as acquisitions and divestitures, merger integration and new product development.

With over 20 years of global experience, we have distinguished ourselves among clients by completing 2,000 assignments worldwide across most industry sectors and within 25% of the Fortune 500.  Our team has trained more than 20,000 managers, providing them with knowledge, approaches, processes, and tools they need to identify, design and implement change.  This results in:

  • Significant revenue growth
  • Sustainable cost reduction
  • Sustainable performance improvement

By leading joint client-consultant teams, our consultants utilize a unique, holistic approach to simultaneously address strategic, operational, information management and organization effectiveness challenges. 

Our industry expertise is complemented by some strong faculty affiliations, which provide Bywater clients with extended worldwide access to leading edge business thinking.

What Differentiates Bywater?

Six things differentiate the way we provide our services to the market:

  • Stakeholder Driven - Improvement is driven by the needs of all, not skewed to one.

  • Holistic Approach - Encompassing all dimensions of an enterprise.

  • Partnership Approach - Enabling senior executives and managers to lead and steer.

  • Client-Led - Skills are transferred to client personnel to execute their own initiatives.

  • Implementation Focused - Changes are internalized in business processes.

  • Results-driven - Changes and benefits are measured.

Our focus is on delivering long-term sustainable improvements to our clients.  By using our Client-Led Approach, we coach senior management teams and transfer abilities to enable them to lead initiatives, such as:

  • Agree on direction and strategy

  • Analyze current performance and identify gaps

  • Set ambitious goals and performance targets

  • Put in place change efforts that achieve the targets

With Bywater,
the result is
"dramatic change that
simultaneously delivers
benefits to all
key stakeholders."


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